The most common types of accidents and how to avoid them

The most common types of accidents and how to avoid them

There are many different ways that you can get injured on a daily basis. Most of us are trying our best to avoid injury and avoid a visit to the doctor or emergency room. Not only is it inconvenient to have to make the trip, but it can also be pretty scary.

When you get hurt or have an accident you may be worried about the outcome, but a lot of times people are worried about the effect that it will have on their insurance. Even with the best private health insurance, there are still some things to consider. Instead of worrying about the effects of an accident on your insurance, try to avoid what accidents that you can for you and your family

Oftentimes, accidents that will require you to go to the emergency room will happen in your very own home. This can be chalked up to misplacement of things or even laziness. There are some common types of accidents and there are definitely ways that they can be avoided. 

Falling objects

Falling objects is something that people of all ages may worry about. You could have something fall on you from the top shelf of a closet, a bookshelf or somewhere in your garage. If this happens you have to worry about the potential of a concussion or needing stitches. Be sure that anything that you are storing up high is well secured and not hanging over the edge of the shelf. Also, be sure that when you are taking anything off of high shelves that you are using a stool or a ladder to avoid pulling things on top of you. 

There is also the potential of small children pulling things over onto themselves. This is common when children are small and try to climb up onto things. They can be seriously injured if a bookshelf or dresser falls on top of them. The best way to avoid this type of accident is to bolt heavy furniture to the wall to ensure that it will not fall over when pulled on. 

Trips and falls

Another common accident that can happen in your home is tripping or falling. This can be dangerous if you have stairs in your home and fall down them. You run the risk of breaking a bone, hitting your head or cutting an injury that may need medical attention. The best way to ensure that you do not fall down the stairs is to have a railing that is well secured and that you can use as you go up or down. If your stairs are hardwood or another hard surface, use a runner to get a better grip as you go up or down.

Clutter is also a common cause of people tripping or falling in their homes. Be sure to pick up clutter in areas with high foot traffic and be sure that cords are tied up so that you do not trip over them. 


An injury that is common and oftentimes needs medical attention is a cut. This is typically a predictable injury and happens fairly often. There are a lot of ways that you can prevent cuts. One of the best practices is ensuring that your knives are properly sharpened. This may seem like it will lead to more cuts, but it is actually more common to get cut when your knives are dull because you have to push harder and are more likely to lose control of your knife. You can use different stones to make sure that they are nice and sharp!

Even if you have the best private health insurance, you want to do what you can to avoid accidents. Be sure that you are taking proper precautions to protect yourself and your family from preventable injuries. If you are looking to find the best private health insurance for you or your family, contact us at Health Server!