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The world has gone digital, almost everything can be done from our smartphone. You can even have doctor appointments on your smartphone. Using you can contact your doctor any time of the day from any location. With Telehealth our doctors can diagnose symptoms, prescribe medicine and even send prescriptions straight to your pharmacy.

Who will benefit from Telehealth?

Teleheath was created to help non-emergency medical issues and may be used in place of your primary care physician for non-life-threatening health concerns. This is a convenient way for patients to get their common medical needs addressed. Patients commonly use Telehealth to refill their prescriptions, flu, pink eye, insect bites, allergies and more!
Mental health awareness has increased recently, and there are studies that show virtual counseling is as effective as in person. psychiatrist is here to help! If you have any concerns about addictions, disorders, depression, gender identity, relationships, trauma or more contact our psychiatrist! We can help you through a rough time, and privacy is our priority, we want you to be able to speak to us from where you are comfortable.

In addition to available counseling and psychiatry telehealth also has a dermatologist available. The most common cases are unknown spots that have appeared on your skin, acne, warts, eczema/ psoriasis and more!
One easy way to stay connected with patients is by using our app. The app works with both iOS and Android. The app is beneficial if you are stuck at home, busy working or traveling. It is also known to be lower cost when compared to a visit to the emergency room or urgent care. 
It is time to find out how convenient health care can be! Download the app and get connected to a board-certified physician. 


  • 24-Hour Teledoctor/Telemedicine
  • Prescription Fill
  • Mobile App/Facetime Enabled Telemedicine Dr. Visits+