Individual Health Insurance

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Individual Health Insurance Florida

We provide the best individual health insurance plans and have qualified staff for medical underwriting. Medical underwriting is completed by the individual health insurance agents near me, and put into place to find out what your out of pocket costs are. Your individual health insurance plan and its benefits may depend on what the underwriting finds. It is their job, along with your agent’s, to find what fits best.

When you search, individual health insurance agents near me will tell you that there are short and long term plans. Some key factors to consider are your current health problems, living situation and current job status.

Long-term insurance plans are typically month to month and can be continuous until you are 65 years old depending on the policy. These are best for healthier families and individuals who want a locked in rate for a long-term period.

Get Affordable Healthcare Coverage in Florida

If you are looking for a zero-deductible plan it means you’ll receive first-dollar benefits without having to satisfy a calendar-year deductible. It has lower monthly costs and can be tax deductible for self-employed clients.

Month-to-month policies are similar to short term insurance whereas they are non-contractual. They cannot be used for pre-existing health conditions but may be limited based on the condition. Health Server Solution’s agents will happily show you suitable plans for pre-existing conditions. Also, it is pay as you go, which may make it easier on your budget.