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Health Server Solutions is the innovative approach to providing the nation’s best health coverage options to small businesses, families, and individuals. Our mission is to adhere to each client’s specific needs while implementing a direct path forward, providing exceptional service along the way. When it comes to benefit, we understand every business and individual has different needs and wants. HSS has implemented strategic processes to enable each client the freedom to choose from multiple options while keeping a cohesive structure and, of course, SAVING MONEY! Our niche capabilities and direct access to captive programs is what allows us to provide each client this type of service. Second to none, Health Server Solutions is the gateway to America’s essential benefits as we continue to provide unparalleled service, value, and culture. 

Licensed in over 30 states in the US, Health Server Solutions takes great pride in providing each contact with the best path forward for their health coverage solutions. Contracted through a captive agency for one of UnitedHealthcare’s most successful companies for the past 4 years has spring-boarded our company to amongst the elite in personal production, eclipsing more than $3 million of issued business. 

We humbly say this to display the trust we have with each and every prospect we communicate with. It has been our honor to be able to serve our country by truly helping individuals and families save money while improving their health coverage benefits. Our experiences and success with families and individuals has set us up to broaden our capabilities into the small business arena, which inevitably is the motivation for the vision of Health Server Solutions. Ever since the implementation of HSS, we have found immediate success with providing remarkable  improvements with each small business thus far. Customer satisfaction is what we aim for and customer satisfaction is how we will continue to help you in the future, at all costs.


Born in the Philippines from two Air Force parents, military life was instilled in us from birth. Sean Server inevitably became an active duty Airman in the USAF from 2009-2014. Moving on from a military career and into South Florida to pursue his career in aviation as a civilian was a difficult yet necessary transition in his life, just as pertinent as the decision to join the Air Force in 2009. After finding that aviation was not where he wanted to be, Sean started exploring our options in different entrepreneurial arenas with the fitness and supplemental industries. The lessons that he learned, through certain successes yet mostly failures, have proven to be a crucial turning point in Sean’s business career as a whole. This is where Sean learned the true meaning of how success is completely proportional to the amount of solutions and help you provide to others in need. Every step along the way plays a role in how Health Server Solutions runs today. 

Health Server Solutions’ strives towards excellence in every way possible while continuously looking for ways to improve our client’s lives in any way possible. Each person is treated with their personal goals and problems in mind so that we can create a path forward for all their needs regarding their benefits. We are, and always will be, a solution-based organization. We pride ourselves on dedicating our professional lives to unprecedented customer service while adhering to the highest standards in the health coverage industry.

Sean Server

Sean Server

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Health Server Solutions services its policyholders helping to protect families, businesses to help mitigate losses unforeseen life circumstances.